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about to go from forum troller to legit owner :)

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hi ncl

since a few weeks ago ive been trolling all over the net and this forum to determine whether the cube was for me... after reading all of the great reviews and hearing from all of the satisfied owners... im taking the plunge this friday... hopefully ill be the owner of a decked out SL.

i am now on my way to becoming a legitimate member of the ncl family. :)

im so excited i already bought some rims too. :)

ill post some pics as soon as the rims are on.

hope to see some more cubes on the road in LA.
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congratulations! what color did you get? also, i too did a ton of research before finally settling on a cube...though i think deep down i would have bought one regardless :D but you really can't beat the visibility, roominess, comfort and cheap parts (those shared with the versa anyway), things that are sorely lacking in my current car and were thus the biggest draws for me.

btw, are you going to sell your SL wheels? if so...i'm very interested ;)
hey coolguy

i plan on picking up a black on black.. i know it's boring.... but all my cars have been in this combo.

are you referring to the SL steelie stockers?

i guess you could take them... but i think ill need the tpms.

where are you located?
sorry, i meant the 16" alloy wheels that come on the SL:

black on black is a nice looking combo, but it would get too hot for me! :D
Congrats on the car. Like alot of things I did not think this over long, I wanted the car the moment I saw it so I bought it. I have 4 vehicles and one butt, you do the math :D

Also the SL comes with Aluminum wheels, the S is the steel beaters.

Christine ;)
Congrats! But don't fry your neurons!!! I've found similar results whether I research every little detail, or make an uninformed impulse decision. The car either works out... or it doesn't. Jump in & see how it goes :)
:yes: :) ;D

i got it! i got it!

black on black, fully equipped SL!! woo hoo... 23.5K out the door with CA 9.75 sales tax!

i was drivin like a granny on the way home b./c i didnt want anything to happen! hahah we'll see how long that lasts!

pics to come tomorrow... also picking up my rims tomorrow too!!

now i just have to find a tpms strap system.\

low im a legit owner!!
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welcome to the club! OFFICIALLY! lol! congrats! be sure to post up pics when you get them kicks put on!
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