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6 Speed

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Where are the 6 speed drivers??? Anyone buying them??? Anyone DRIVEN one??? :(
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I just picked up a pearl white 1.8S with a stick... i test drove the CVT and did not how it felt at all.. it was lurching and heaving it felt like.. not sure if those are the best ways to describe it.. but i did not like it.. even if it was a regular automatic, i would have have gotten the stick.. i drove back to the dealer.. i could not figure out how to put it in reverse.. i should have looked in the manual. I have to start to read the manual.. i started to.. you have to pull up on this piece that surrounds the stick shift in order to get it to go in reverse... i take original classic mini coopers, which i am selling to car show/car cruises.. well last year i did a lot.. i lost interest in car shows/car cruises but the classic Minis are show stoppers.. I normally don't like to see new cars at car shows/cruises but i am thinking about taking my new cube there and have the back end face the crowd when the walk by.. the back end is a real attention grabber...

here is one picture of each Mini as well as links to the Minis, with more pictures for if you, or anyone you know, would like a show car ready Mini Cooper.

if any questions, call me at 330.304.4249
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NICE Mini's !!! I always thought they were really cool little cars. Don't know why I have such an affinity for tiny cars and oddball cars like VW's, Scions, Cubes and the like.
On another note, how do you like the six speed, shifter and clutchwise?? Any fuel mileage reports yet?? And one last question.........How many RPM's at 70 MPH in 6th gear? Thanks in advance for your hopeful input.
I like the 6 speed.. it takes a little while getting used to it...had a few problems getting in the proper gear at times. .and reverse, like i said, you have to pull up on the this thing that surrounds the handle before trying to put it into reverse... i like how the clutch feels, and the shifter i am still getting used to but i will like it i think. no fuel mileage reports yet... i want to measure my next tank of gas.. on page 5-23 of the owners manual, it says during the break in period (1,200) miles, Do not run the engine over 4,000 rpm. I have been varying my speed more than i normally would. The manual says, among other things concerning the break in period: Avoid driving for long periods at constant speed, either fast or slow. I have not gotten it up to 70 mph yet.. It also says some other things about the break in period: Do not acclerate at full throttle in any gear.

I am varying the speed.. even when i was on highway, i was varying from 55-65 mph.. i did not go over 65 mph... i remember one car i used to have said in the manual not to exceed a certain speed for during the break in period.. i am not sure what the speed was...this manual does not say a similar thing but it is a habit i got into. The maximum speed limit around where i live is 65 mph. I may take it up to 70 mph for a few seconds here when i go out here soon..going out to a car cruise.. normally i don't like to see people bring new cars to a car cruise... i will just bring it this one time i think.. see how people react to it... most people really like to see the old minis.. they are a big crowd favorite.
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got it up to 70 mph for a few seconds or so... tach was at about just touching the right side of the 3000 marker or a tad past the line.. i don't remember for sure now.. what i am trying to say is it was a little over 3,000.. the next marker was for 3500 and it was still barely touching, or barley off of the right hand side of the 3,000 marker. it was over 3000 but i don't know how much over.. my estimate is 30-60 over, but i am not sure of the exact number it go to.
hi, i'm so confused now! i've been driving stick for over 30 years, ( do some of you remember the datsun 510 and the datsun 240 ) now i need a change.. automatic cube... i've been reading mixed reviews on the cvt... that makes me the cvt expensive to repair????


I was just reading around Google, apparently the CVT is not rebuildable(at least at the dealer) and costs approximately 4000.00 dollars to replace. The fluid is 25 dollars a quart and it uses 6 to 8 quarts but it should only need to be changed every 60,000 to 90,000 miles according to what the fluid looks like. I'd call your local dealer and verify this first though.

If you are really curious how the CVT works, this is a pretty simple explanation of the Nissan CVT right here...

I think once you realize the fluid changes on a manual transmission which would likely be every 60k miles plus the 120,000 or so mile clutch changes. The CVT overall is less expensive as long as it isn't prone to failure. Which I think the Nissan CVT is proven as it has been in the Nissan Murano since 2003 mated up to a 240+ hp V6.

Here is also a little tidbit of how the CVT works...
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I have a lifetime warranty on engine & drivetrain, isn't that standard? Therefore it should cost NOTHING to repair your transmission, unless I am confused. What does everyone think?
there is one dealer around here that offers it.. well it is about 45 minutes away.. but that is not the nissan warranty.. the nissan warranty for powertrain is 5 years, 60,000 miles.. i asked my sales lady how they can do that and she said they require all scheduled maintenance work to be done at that dealer and they charge a little bit more. i do not think by law they can require that but i didn't want to get into that with her.. maybe since it was their dealership's warranty, they could require people to come back there for scheduled maintenance. I know though on a regular manufacturer's warranty, the person can go elsewhere and if they have proof of the work being done, the warranty has to be honored.
I guess I will have to make sure that I stick with my dealership as much as possible and in the meantime find out the details on the requirements of the lifetime warranty. Thanks.....
my sales lady told me about a 72 month warranty but i forget how many miles she said on that.. i pased on it. it was $ nine hundred something she quoted me.. I did not try to negotiate for a lower price, but looking back, I should have. I think I can still purchase the extended warraty for up to a certain number of days.
I didn't pay any extra for an extended warranty, I'm pretty sure that it is a part of the dealerships warranty on all new cars.....they call it 'Victory for Life'. I bought from Victory Nissan, so that is where they get the name......I made sure they wrote it all down, even though they didn't want to. I didn't want their 'warranty' to change, so I demanded they write it all on paper for me to sign. Hopefully it is all legit, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem for a while.
I test drove a 6-speed and really liked it. The clutch was pretty soft and not at all grabby, so the car was very easy to drive. I had no problems at all shifting, despite being used to a 5-speed, and I knew right away how to put it into reverse because my boyfriend's car does it the same way ;D Shifting was extremely smooth, too. Needless to say, I will for sure be choosing the 6-speed over the CVT.
According to Conseumer Reports, the dealers buy the extended warranties from third party insurers, and that individuals can buy the same policies from the same third party insurers, and save about 50%.
Here is the link to my 'Victory for Life' Warranty. It is specific to Victory Nissan Chesapeake, but well worth it.

The warranty applies to all new Victory Nissan vehicles.

The components covered are exactly the same as the manufacturer's powertrain warranty, but we extend the warranty for as long as you own the car.

The warranty is valid for as long as the original owner owns the vehicle - for unlimited time and unlimited miles.

No. Victory Nissan is proud to be the only Nissan dealer in the area offering a Lifetime Warranty.

Zero. The Lifetime Warranty comes standard with every vehicle meeting the above criteria. The warranty applies no matter how the vehicle is obtained, whether it is bought with cash, financed or leased.

No extra maintenance is required. You must simply follow the scheduled maintenance as recommended by the owner's manual.

Our service department will certainly exceed your expectations and maintain your records electronically. However you are not required to have your service done at our dealership. To maintain the warranty program though, you must provide copies of your service records if warranty service work is to be done elsewhere.

The Lifetime Warranty applies anywhere in the United States or Canada.

No, the Warranty is good only as long as you own the vehicle.

There are no catches, hidden fees, or gimmicks. Victory Nissan provides this product as an added value to our customers for doing business with us.
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My cube is a 6-speed, and yeah shifting is really smooth. It feels almost like a sports shift to me.
The clutch is reeally short, so it would be easier for beginers. The reverse is a pain in the ass though, I'm getting used to it but still, ergh.

As far as MPG goes I think the rated 24/29 is bull corn! I've driven it aprox. 150 miles and it's still at 3/4 tank. it's 13 gallon so Ive prolly burned between 3-4 gallons, and A/C has been on half the time and it has mostly been Highway 55-70 MpH speed. So I think it's safe to say Im getting at least 35 MpG and prolly somewhere between that and 50 MpG.

Also you can switch(toggle) your trip meter to display fuel efficiency rate (instead) as you drive.

When I'm accellerating its in the 20s, foot lightly on the gas it averages 47MpG and coasting is 60 MpG.

LOVE the digital Fuel guage by the way I hate the old "sundial" type that usually gets flakey after a cold winter or if it gets too low at some point, I've been waiting for this in my auto for a looong time.
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NICE Mini's !!! I always thought they were really cool little cars. Don't know why I have such an affinity for tiny cars and oddball cars like VW's, Scions, Cubes and the like.
On another note, how do you like the six speed, shifter and clutchwise?? Any fuel mileage reports yet?? And one last question.........How many RPM's at 70 MPH in 6th gear? Thanks in advance for your hopeful input.
At 80 mph it wants to hit 3.5 rpms
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