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2nd Test Drive

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Took one out a week ago for a drive. Felt good. Waited a week and then went a drove another one yesterday. While I love the look and the ride I dont think is is for me. Did some checking on real world gas mileage. The company I work for has a large employee base in Japan. I sent some emails out to a hald dozen employees who owned Cubes. WHile theirs are a bit different gas mileage was only rated as fair to poor. They blame the large windshield and front end is always pushing air and makes the mileage poor. Not a big issue at $2.35 a gallon today but if we get back to $3.00 or over we will feel the pain. I was surprised to see the 6 speed fuel mileage at 24/28 and the CVT at 28/30. I always thought standard shift would be better.

Also when I compare the new FIT at just over $16K compared to the SL at $17590 it does not make sense to get the Cube unless it was just for wierd looks. Still very much undecided.
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I really like the way it looks but it is really a Versa with a different body. But it is way over priced
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