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1.8S Iowa

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Hey everyone just picked up my Black 1.8S yesterday! ;D Can't wait to drop my Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD in I guess I'm waiting on the aftermarket to catch up :(. Any tips on taking the factory stereo out would be greatly appreciated.


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Congrats & welcome to the community! Hope we all don't have too long for the aftermarket to catch up.
An additional note to my cube. I just replaced the Factory Stereo today with a Pioneer AVH-3100 (fits perfect) and found it quite easy!

For Removal of your Factory Stereo:
On the climate control trim piece there are two of those accessory hooks (they pop right out), snap those out and behind those are two phillips head screws, remove those then gently pull the trim piece off (should come off easy enough).

After pulling the first trim piece off there are two more screws (phillips) located near the top of where that trim piece was remove those and then pull off the trim surrounding the stereo, disconnect your hazard and airbag light plugs.

Now all that stands between you and getting that stereo out of your dash is 4 more phillips head screws and then 8 torx bit screws which hold on the mounting brackets. Remove the four screws facing you and it will pop right out.

I was informed by Morphix that a nissan versa wiring harness works and it does. I found my wiring harness at Best Buy for $21.00 (yeah probably paid too much). A note: You must make sure that the Wiring harness is for the 2007 and up, I had to speak with an installer at Best Buy to get this (he disappeared in the back and came out with one, I guess here they don't keep it out on the shelf).

Solder and Shrink your wiring and you should be done quickly, total installation only took 1.5 hours (note the learning process and wiring setup).

Additional Notes:
There is plenty of room in the dash too so if you are planning on getting a couple of accessory items such as XM, Bluetooth, there should be some room to tuck these items in the dash somewhere.
The stereo I installed was double din so I did not have to worry about adapter kits fortunately, and it would appear as though Pioneer has their newest line of DVD and Navigation units ready to dump right into this dash.

May your customizations be awesome and least at first glance!
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Quick Note: I am posting the stereo removal in the Electronics section as well under its own topic.
nicely done! the Rosgate system is a good start, but i've already caught the modding bug. will post more pics later! keep the mods coming!
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