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Got the cube back yesterday afternoon.

New transmission installed free of charge (Thanks Nissan USA)

Few things to note:

  • In the service ticket the tech noted // low trans fluid level, and metal particles in the trans fluid.
  • New transmission is virtually silent, no humming sound at low speeds, or as I come to a stop
  • Acceleration around town is smoother. I have not taken it on the highway yet, but expect it to be just as nice.
I bougt an 09 Nissan Cube, took it home, the next day, I hadn't have a chance to complete 2 miles, it started acting up.
Was told it's the transmission problem, Dealer will not fix it as it's 4K miles over their warranty mileage. It's been sitting there for 2 years now, recently I tried to start it, the rpm won't move a bit like a regular car should have. I started to think, whether it got other problem and isn't the transmission ? Anybody can help ? Please.
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