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  1. New Members Corner
    First of all, hello and thank you for welcoming me on this forum of enthusiasts! I'm French and I'm passionate about this original car since its release in France. And, I finally bought one a little less than a year ago. I found what I was looking for, namely a gasoline model with a mechanical...
  2. New Members Corner
    Hello, I have been trying to find a shift knob and shift boot replacement online and have found that it has been discontinued. Has anyone found a place to purchase these parts? Please Let me know. thanks
  3. Cube Talk
    Does anyone know how good a Z12 Base Model Cube sounds with no muffler? I'm super broke and would rather just get rid of the large muffler in the back and weld on some pipes and tips. Any help is welcomed.
  4. New Members Corner
    I’ve tried all the online tricks I can find and none seem to work. How can I get multiple wife’s Cube going again? Is there a fuse I can pull? If so where? I found the cabin fuse panel but I don’t know which fuse it is. Are there more fuses somewhere else? help!!!!
1-4 of 4 Results