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New Members Corner

New to Nissan Cube Life forums? This is where you can introduce yourself and ask any question regarding the site. It is the perfect place to be if you are new to
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Cube Talk

General discussions on the Nissan Cube. Can't find a board to post your topic under? Post them here.
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My Cube

Share stories and information about your Cube. The perfect place for members to show off their ride. Cube eye candy!
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Pictures And Videos

Here's the place to share photos and videos.
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Cube In The Media

News, rumors, media events and reviews related to the Nissan Cube.
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Eco cube

A place to discuss fuel efficiency, automatic vs. manual, fuel economy improvements, gas prices, or the environment
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The Polling Station

Cubists go to the polls! Cast your votes or start your own poll here.
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Regional Forums

Discussions with local Cube owners about anything in your corner of the globe. Here's the place to share & organize local events or even post shout-outs to fellow Cubists you encounter on the road.
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Cube Of The Month

Get your ride featured at by entering the Cube of the Month contest!
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Nissan Cube News

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Cube Tech, Modifications, and DIY

Exterior Styling

Discussions about body kits and body modifications.
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Discussions about interior work.
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Cube Detailing

You love that new car feeling and want to keep it that way? Share your secrets and get info on how to keep your Cube looking new!
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Engine & Transmission

Want to get a few more ponies out of your Cube or just improve the overall performance? Here's the place to discuss just that.
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Lighting, audio, alarm systems, video, and navigation systems discussions can be found here.
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Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

Discussions about brakes, wheels, and suspension work or modifications. Sponsored by:
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Cube It Yourself

Here's the place for sharing step-by-step repairs, maintenance, installs, or mods for the DIY-ers!
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Cube Marketplace

Personal for Sale/Wanted

Classifieds section for any personal buy & sell Cube goodies.
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Cube Test Drives & Purchasing

Looking to purchase a Cube? Discuss pricing, incentives, and other important items to consider before making your purchase.
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Cube Dealers

Here's the place to share your local dealer experiences (good or bad) or interact with dealer representatives about availability and purchasing information.
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Vendor Deals

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  1. Hi, My wife has a 2007 gen 2 Nissan Cube with the CVT transmission. About a month after buying it it died in a car park after a rain storm. I had a garage out and they diagnosed no output from the crank position sensor. They recovered it back to the garage. Miraculously it started working again...
  2. So today I changed the manual transmission fluid and I know many people don't have a stick shift in the US. The red circled bolt is the drain plug on the transmission. If you do and would like to do it yourself be aware that you only need 2 quarts of transmission fluid for the job. The...
  3. When it’s about time to replace the tires on your Nissan Cube, there are a lot of factors to consider. These include the climate you live in, your driving style, the type of performance and handling you're looking to get. Today we are here with the option that offers a great combination of...
  4. My immobile (Dead CVT at 135K) Cube sits and gathers dust. I just can't seem to chunk it to the junk man because MOST of it still is in great shape! I can't afford 4K$ to put in a new CVT. I was wondering if a standard trans can be put in? In the old days that was not such a big deal, but these...
  5. Accounting for rideshare business is one way to make sure you don’t run into loss or debt. There are many factors that determine if your rideshare business will be profitable. You need to be aware and in control of all aspects of your business to ensure profits, which is the growth engine of...
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